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Charter Members

Chartered in 1946, below are the men who initiated the Kiwanis chapter for Lebanon, TN. 


As recorded with Kiwanis International on January 9, 1946

R.C. Ford Dean Castle Heights Military Academy

Robert F. Jennings Café Owner

Alfred Askew Banking - Assistant Cashier

William H. Hinson Tire Recapping

Carl Atherton Jr. Flour Mill

William E. Blades Life Insurance

Louis Chambers Attorney

Rev. Alvin H. Hopson Minister

T.H. Phelan Road Building

J.E. Rose Filling Station

W.H. Smith Automobile Supplies

Ramon Safley Hardware

W.D. Williams City Court

James H. Boyd Confectionary Shop

Neal T. Dickens Gas-Oil Wholesale

Raymond Donnell Produce

J.H. Rushing County Highways

Roy N. Smith Auto Repair

W.G. Maddux Farm Implements

Fred Maggart Banking - Cashier

Frank Hearne Machine Shop Superintendent

Paul J. Martin Electrical Contracting

Edwin H. Osborne Castle Heights Military Academy

Thomas E. Hinson Attorney

Burton W. Humphrey Filling Station

Charles E. Johnson Furniture

S.D. Dieges Department Store Manager

W. Harvey Freeman Real Estate

A.B. Beasley Jr. Employment Service

J.H. Williams Chancery Court

James V. Bond Drugs

George W. Dixon Shirt Manufacturer Superintendent

Vincent Cason Motion Pictures

George W. Harding Blanket Manufacturer

W.V. Adams Refrigerators

Fred Cowan Ladies Wear

Alexander Anderson Fire Insurance

Urban H. Marable Mens Wear

Paul T. Smith Automobile Dealer

G.V. Baker Athletic Director

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